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... And please don't expect this page to look the same next time you look at it.

What you see here is the kind of web site that we, at Positive Proof, deliver.  The majority of our clients don't need PHP and Mysql or shopping baskets and images that flash and jump about.  They simply need clear and well expressed pages containing messages, pictures, music, maths teaching, blogs or whatever they are into. 

Some of our clients like to sell things or rent out cottages in the Lake District so we do that as well. Often, we use pictures and text supplied by the client; but not always.

One day you'll find that this web site is mobile friendly, responsive, another day it won't be.  We simply do what our clients ask us to do.
Getting us to do your thing.....

If you'd like us to develop a web site for you please ask us to provide you with an estimate.  We will need details of what you want to do and what you have in the way of raw materials like pictures and text and then we'll do what you want.  If you need a professional graphic designer to produce a design then we can deliver that as well.

In fact, we can deliver anything you'd like as long as we know what you want in advance.

Most people don't want to spend a lot of time on the technical side but some understand what we mean by SEO or using FTP to upload the finished site and by that time its usually nice to say how pleasant doing business with you has been.
Contact us at  office@positiveproof.co.uk